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The WorkLife HUB is a research, communication and consultancy company for work-life integration, workplace culture and the new reality of work.

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By connecting with thought-leaders, we bring you the latest workplace trends and innovation from around the world.

We talk to authors, researchers, HR experts and CEOs and about their take on what makes a great workplace, how employees can flourish and what is their advice to others starting out or wanting to improve the wellbeing of their people.

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What trends are shaping the world of work?

The future of work discourse is being driven, mostly, by technological developments and their impact on workplace structures, working practices or employment forms. It is greatly influenced by demographics and future market conditions as well. The conversation is often centred around the computational world, new media ecology, rise of smart machines and systems, or the increased level of global interconnectivity.

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EQW&L - Equality for work and life

Helping unemployed through a new model of intervention. EQW&L is a cooperation between 16 European partners. Modern toolkit facilitates the entry of unemployed people into the labour market through work-life balance policies.

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