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The WorkLife HUB is a research, communication and consultancy company for work-life integration, workplace culture and the new reality of work.

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By connecting with thought-leaders, we bring you the latest workplace trends and innovation from around the world.

We talk to authors, researchers, HR experts and CEOs and about their take on what makes a great workplace, how employees can flourish and what is their advice to others starting out or wanting to improve the wellbeing of their people.

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The Future of Work: The process is never over

A lot of future of work, HR, workplace and wellbeing related conferences are jubilant in nature. They introduce new solutions, products and case studies, as well as pamper industry experts with applaud for their achievements. In truth, there was a lot to celebrate at the 2nd edition of the London Work 2.0 conference. But this year’s volume seemed less obsessed on where the industry has been and more focused on where we are heading.

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European Institute for Gender Equality

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) is an EU agency working to make gender equality a reality in the EU and beyond. For this, it provides research, data and good practices by producing studies and collecting statistics. Through this study we were tasked by EIGE with the identification of good practices and development of a business case on work-life balance measures in the ICT sector.

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