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The WorkLife HUB is a research, training and consultancy company for work-life balance, workplace culture and the new reality of work.

Clients trust us with assessing their current work-life balance, gender equality policies and organisational culture initiatives, and delivering bespoke training and consultancy services to help attract and retain talent and improve employee wellbeing. Our experience covers a wide range of sectors and countries.

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By connecting with thought-leaders, we bring you the latest workplace trends and innovation from around the world.

We talk to authors, researchers, HR experts and CEOs and about their take on what makes a great workplace, how employees can flourish and what is their advice to others starting out or wanting to improve the wellbeing of their people.

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Employee wellbeing training in the pandemic - Three lessons learned

The COVID-19 pandemic, and its imposed lockdowns - that has meant that half of the workforce, in Europe, was fully or partially working remotely - has had a significant and direct impact on employee wellbeing and mental health. Addressing this challenge and providing targeted support to employees is an area of growing concern for organizations and their managers.

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EFTA - European Free Trade Association

To contribute to a healthy, inclusive and safe workplace for everyone at the EFTA Secretariat in times of unprecedented disruption, health risks, mental health strain, challenges linked to home-based working and care responsibilities, for the second consecutive time, EFTA engaged with us to create and deliver a training programme on work-life balance to its managers and staff.

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